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Hiking University is the first of its kind, fitness and lifestyle organization, catering to the needs and desires of hikers, history hunters, and adventure seekers that want to maximize their health and well-being. Hiking University promotes supportive nutrition, regular physical activity, appropriate stress management tactics, and cornerstones for optimal health, wellness, and happiness.


Forgotten Colorado: The Eastern Plains is the first book in a 4-Part series honoring the best that Colorado has to offer. If you are interested in forgotten history, unique and lesser know locations around the state, cemeteries, and so much more...this may be the book for you. To learn more specifics and order one with the fancy "autographed copy" sticker, check out our Facebook Page or Click HERE.


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​Cutting edge health and hiking research


Valuable hiking news you can use


Tactics to take full advantage of the health benefits of hiking


Hiking RX™ - Scientific programs and methods to get you hiking your best while maximizing:

  • Fat loss 

  • Muscle gain 

  • Strength development 

  • Sports performance


Adventure Exercise™ - Unforgettable adventures and programs
that blend Colorado history, unique locations, and exercise.


Walking and hiking activities and adventures for the whole family (pets, too!)


Hiking tours of Colorado ghost towns and historic cemeteries

Health hikes with an Expert so you can get your questions answered


Strategies for optimal nutrition that will maximize your health and hiking


Critical hiking education on a wide variety of topics


Valuable hiking product reviews (saves you time and money!)


Invitations to exclusive Hiking University events


Discounts on premier Hiking University products and services


Quarterly newsletter full of life-enhancing hiking info and humor


Gateway to additional Hiking University reviewed and approved hiking resources

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